With us, nothing is left behind. Trust is our most valuable commodity. With Care Cleaning Plus everything is transparent from the first meeting. Every task we perform guarantees 100% satisfaction.


More than 20 years of expertise, ensuring a clean and tidy environment, free of germs. Our ultimate goal is to utmost cleanliness while making your experience with us a pleasant one


For us quality is not an act, it is a habit. The focus on getting as close to perfection and we make sure every speck of dust is gone, down to the last corner. Our people are built around an environment where excellence is expected.

  • Benefit 1: SAVING

    Do not spend more money on cleaning products that just take up space. We carry all the tools necessary to leave your house sparkling .

    Care Cleaning Plus, Team

  • Benefit 2: SCHEDULE.

    Accounts with us 24/7 hours.

    Care Cleaning Plus, Team

  • Benefit 3: WE ADAPT TO YOUR NEEDS.

    We can clean from a single room to a large company, maintaining the same dedication in details and finish.

    Care Cleaning Plus, Team


At Care Cleaning Plus we are proud to offer you cheap, yet high quality cleaning, allowing you to save time and money. Our staff possesses the skills, equipment, and work ethic necessary to make your house or office look spectacular.